Tour Dates

Development continues on Lullaby, with a tour planned for 2018 around UK theatre and cinema venues, as well as more unusual venues. 


Broth toured Scotland with Luminate Festival throughout October 2015, taking in Swallow Theatre, Motherwell Civic Centre, Paisley Arts Centre, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Gaiety Studio Theatre, Tron Theatre, Deaf Connections, Woodend Barn, Heart of Hawick, Beacon Arts Centre.


''The ingredients to this heartwarming Broth are more sweet than bitter, liberally salted with impish Scottish humour—it's a delight. Host Donna Rutherford, with her 50s glamour and warm, welcoming disposition, introduces us to real life stories on film screens from senior citizens Liz, David, Bill, Annie and the wonderful Mags. All are agreed that they don't feel their age, yet their bodies betray them. And all share a sense of humour, resilience and spirit.''

Lorna Irvine **** Across the Arts 22nd October 2015


February 2016 saw a reduced Broth performed around Glasgow at several sheltered complexes with support from Loretto Housing.

Plans for taking Broth around the Outer Hebrides are still afoot...

The full three screen or the reduced one large screen version of Broth is available for tour, alongside accompanying workshops.