• 09-02-2011 to 12-02-2011

KIN is an arts project exploring the changing relationship between a middle-aged child and their ageing parent.

Half the battle is in understanding what your parents are feeling and the other half is in understanding whatyou are feeling - and then talking to each other about those feelings.
KIN explores the fear and sorrow, the anger, guilt and frustration but also the love, trust and laughter to be found in this universal experience.

Parents and children in modern society spend decades of life together, with a growing number of them experiencing half a century or more of shared lives. This unprecedented duration of parent-child ties extends the common lifespan of children and parents and affects kinship structures.

We will explore the change in roles and responsibilities, parent-child interaction (contact patterns, exchange, assistance and support), individual well-being, relationship quality and care-giving by adult children. Lead-in points for discussion may be Getting Over the Door; Sleep; Parents Vying for Attention; Sibling Support; Saying Goodbye; Continued Relationship After Departure.

KIN was originally created during a one year residency at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow. The residency was supported by Scottish Arts Council Partners fund and Rutherford worked in partnership with the CCA, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and University of West Scotland. KIN was first performed at the CCA 9th – 12th February 2011