2007/08 Nov – April “Medley of Denial” solo live performance/ video West Dunbartonshire Violence Against Women Partnership16 Days of Action.Tour community venues, schools and women's refuges When a person is at sea she seems very small and insignificant. The sea is still a place where a following wind can change to a head wind in just a few minutes, pleasure can turn to pain and the mundane can turn into a matter of life and death. Medley of Denial 


2006/07 “Ochone Ochone” solo live performance & video. NRLA Tramway 1; Edinburgh Fringe;TULCA Festival, Galway; Openport, Chicago “I enjoy dancing. I enjoy watching other people dance, especially when you catch them there, lost in the moment. Trouble is, there is no “in the moment”. Inescapably we leave the trail of our past behind us.” The Herald: “...more than an engagingly delivered series of quirky confidences... dealing with the ongoing grief and moral dilemmas that are Iraq, I doubt there are ws that touch on that territory so tenderly and with such humanity.” Ochone Ochone


2003 Spring & Summer “Unaccompanied” Video Installation working with people in Gent, Belgium for the Time Festival & in Glasgow (city centre shop). Individuals were invited to sing popular & traditional songs from their own land to camera, without music. So a double meaning of Unaccompanied - without music and also out with their original home, away from shared language, landscape and shared history. Unaccompanied 


2002 Autumn “Backward” Performance & video piece involving 11 performers aged 9 – 67. Writer/ Director. SAC R & D 


1997 “You Don’t Say"BBC2/ Arts Council England commissioned film. Writer/ Performer. Collaboration with John Carson. …work with new forms of "storytelling" - quirky and sometimes disturbing narratives. We can only gasp in amazement as the couple go dancing across the gender divide, realizing the impossibility of a perfect relationship” Lois Keidan (Live Art Agency) The Observer:“The highlight of the series; is the universal tale of love gone sour. In its compressed wit, it is better than many a full-length film”

This is a selection of past work.